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Kyle Sherrick, Founder


Hi everyone I’m Kyle! I’m originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia where I was born and raised. I was a Police Officer with the Virginia Beach Police Department for almost 6 years, before leaving law enforcement and moving to Texas! I had visited Texas multiple times, and fell in love with the people of Texas, and of course the food! I chased my long term dream of getting into Real Estate, and I have not looked back! I enjoy meeting new people and really getting to know them. Each person that I meet in real estate has a different story, and I enjoy finding solutions to help them. I have a deep passion for helping others, and real estate allows me to do that every day.

Chris Morgan, Founder

Chris, Amanda, and the Kids

Hello and thank you for coming to our site! I’m Chris and I am originally from South Carolina and California! I spent my childhood in the South and my teenage and young adult years in California. I met my wife, Amanda while in California. Fortunately for me Amanda was a native Texan (born and raised in Ft Worth) and is an Aggie! I was a Police Officer in California in Kern County where I started to get interested in Real Estate; after seeing people in rough financial situations where I could only do so much at the time to help. Amanda and I (along with our German Shepard Mix Lyssa) relocated to Texas in 2016 and continued my Police career in a Suburb of Dallas where I met Kyle. I can’t forget to mention we adopted our second dog Levi, a boxer mix. Shortly after moving I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure and under went several chemo treatments to fix my kidney issues. The chemo failed and I required a Kidney transplant. I was blessed to have an amazing brother who decided to donate his Kidney to me! Not only was I blessed in that regard but he was an amazing match! I under went my Kidney Transplant in 2017 and once recovered I continued my Policing Career with a new lease on life! I was blessed again a few years later with Identical Twin girls and a healthy baby boy a short time after that! With an interest in Real Estate always in the back of my mind I started to realize how I could serve people in hard financial situations with their home. I enjoy spending my free time in sharing experiences with my three kids and Amanda such as going to the Dallas Aquarium, going to the park etc.

Our Team

Anne Versoza, Lead/Media Manager

Hi! I’m Anne and I’m an virtual assistant based in Manila. I love working with Kyle and Chris as I get to find people who need their help and get the best possible options they have when selling their homes. I love reading, hanging out with my 3-year-old son and my 2 fur babies, Yuki, a white Persian cat and Yuna, a Siamese cat.

Tiago Title

We use an amazing team of Attorneys that help us close quickly and make sure it is done right!  We believe that they are some of the best Attorneys around We know you will love them too! 


When you call , we listen. Our goal is to find out what the source of our stress is, how fast you need to sell and how we can help you. We will ask you some basic questions about your property.

Creating Offers

After we listen to your needs and gather some basic info about your house, we will construct an offer that addresses the points of stress in your life!

Our purpose is to give you an offer that will work for you and your unique situation. We believe that every one of our offers needs to be customized to work for both you and us.

Closing Quickly

Corner Home Solutions specializes in closing real estate offers quickly. We know that getting your house sold soon is very important.

We know how to get a house out of probate. We can get your house sold and closed quickly even if your bank has started the foreclosure process. No matter what you are going through, we can help you.

We are professional real estate buyers. We know how to get closings completed quickly.

How Corner Home Solutions Works With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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